Modern warships : CN Type 004


Historical Information

Launch Date

2025 year


340 m


74 m


110,000 tons


  • Base
  • Top




11.7 knots

Maneuvering Ability


Radar Range

6.7 km

Sonar Range

1.8 km


Grenade Launcher

  • 2x HWHH-003B (300 mm)


  • 4x HPJ-17 (30 mm)

Air Defense

  • 4x Type 1130 AA (30 mm)
  • 4x HHQ-10 (FL-3000N)

Aviation Unit


Strike Fighter




  • WZ-10 CAIC (×2)


Ship Type

Assault Carrier






Level 25


+50% Gold & +50% Dollar


28,000 Gold

Background History

The Type 004 is an aircraft carrier planned by the People's Liberation Army Navy. It is intended to be an improved iteration of the preceeding Type 003; having a much higher aviation capability, and will also be powered by nuclear energy compared to its predecessor.


Sailing formidably in the turbulent waters of the East, illuminated by the vibrant Sun; the Type 004 stands indomitable as a monstrous leviathan amongst its counterparts, intimidating even its greatest adversaries. No ship is safe from its large aviation capabilities, and its high defenses allows it to survive even the harshest of conditions, maintaining its pride and grace in the meanwhile. Players who are fond of destroying ships with style will find the ship an interesting unit.

As good as the ship may seem, both aesthetically and statistically, on the surface; the ship does have flaws that have to be addressed. Aside from the ship's massive size (being the third largest ship in the game, in terms of dimensions), the ship's healthpool is somewhat low for its size. Although it is the fastest of the triad, its speed still fails to guarantee a viable escape from any hostile units.

Even with its flaws, the ship still proves itself worthy and daunting to its rivals.


Playing as a Type 004

During the prelude of the match, deploy the ship's aircraft and provide reconaissance to your allies. Once the enemy units have been spotted, formulating a plan against them will be significantly easier. Deploy as much aircraft units in order to maximize the ship's aviation potential. Any "idle" units will be automatically controlled by a bot (be careful at executing this tactic on the Arctic and Lost City maps, however). Hide behind any island or iceberg once this has been executed if necessary.

Start by eliminating any enemy units that stray away from the bulk of their fleet, as they are significantly more vulnerable to air attacks due to lack of defense from their allies. Destroying the remnants of the enemy team will be easier from henceforth.

Inheriting its predecessor's characteristic of heavy anti air defense it can provide an effective umbrella of anti air defense to its allies. Therefore, it is advised to accompany allies if possible, and vice versa.

Avoid sailing in the open sea unescorted, especially if there are any enemy battleships present. Their guns prove to be utterly devastating to large and cumbersome warships, and this predicament is furthermore magnified by the low HP and the fact that the ship is a very tempting target. Beware of submarines as well.

Playing alongside with a Type 004

Due to the ship's capabilities and value, defending it is a must; especially if its captain proves to be capable. The ship's high anti air defense will also be of value to its allies.

Destroyers and cruisers should intercept any encroaching enemy submarines that approach the ship. Allied battleships can aid in neutralizing other aircraft carriers and battleships, aircraft carriers should supplement the ship's air units, and submarines can help in eliminating any enemy ships that threaten the allied Type 004.

Playing against a Type 004

As daunting as the ship may seem, it still exhibits some flaws, which will be extremely vital in sinking the ship.

Never attack the ship without proper air coverage, do so with as much allies that you can rally. Battleships are in the best position at sinking the ship; since shells can easily strike the ship, even from a distance, due to its large dimensions and slow speed.

Players can also equip their ships with an RIM or S-500 missile to counter drones and bombers if they deem it appropriate, although doing so will require the player to expend a missile slot with a defensive missile instead of an offensive one.

Suggested Armaments Setup

  • Grenade Launchers: RUR-5B ASROC.
  • Strike fighters: F-35 (for aircraft with high offensive capability), F/A-XX (for a multipurpose aircraft).
  • Fighters: F-22.
  • Bomber: H-20, PAK DA.
  • Drone: S-70 Okhotnik.
  • Helicopter: MUH-1, AP Phoenix (for helicopters with high offensive capabilities); WZ-19 CAIC, SV-22 (for faster detection of enemy units); Ka-58 Black Ghost (for helicopter with high anti-submarine capabilities).
  • Autocannon: Marlin (40 mm), Gibka (high damage, but can be affected by missile deterrents).
  • First anti-air slot: Sea RAM, ANSEQ-3 (for players with the "hero" status).
  • Second anti-air slot: Kashtan-M, Pantsir-ME (good for intercepting missiles, but effectiveness will be attenuated if there are any enemy warships within range), ANSEQ-3 (for players with the "hero" status).

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Has the second largest aviation capability of all ships in the game, being able to deploy 10 air units (not squadrons) at any given time.
  • Decent anti-air defenses, on par with the Varyag and Type 003.
  • Is equipped with both Grenade Launchers and Autocannons.
  • Fastest assault carrier.


  • Surprising cost, even more expensive than the Missouri
  • Durability is somewhat low for its size.
  • Very large dimensions, can be very easily struck by projectiles.
  • Although faster than its counterparts, the ship is still slow and cumbersome.


  • The ship originally had a stock durability of 308,500 when it was added into the game. This was increased to 330,500 on update 0.47.5, released globally on December 28, 2021. This was, once again, modified and reduced down to 321,500 on February 28, 2022. a few days or weeks ago the ship price is increased to 28.000 gold

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